Student Post: Progress with OpenSfM (Structure for Motion)


I’ve made some progress in the past week with getting a implementation of OpenSfM running on my own machine and finally have done so. I ran a couple of test 2D images through the reconstruction pipeline with moderate results. So, I thought it was time to run some actual 3D printed material through it to seem what reconstructions I could get!

The first was to no avail as I tried to reconstruct a dodecahedron. Here is a picture of what the 3D print looks like and then the mesh after going through the OpenSfM pipeline.






Obviously, this was a bit disappointing; however, some others had better pixel formations and densities resembling the image more so.

Here is a Spiral

So that mesh is getter better especially from the first one. Here is one last one which is a cone with two spheres in it.

Overall, the meshes got better and better which is promising.

Goals for next week:

  • Rework the configuration files to attempt to get more denser meshes
  • Research other techniques for 3D reconstruction that have open source software packages
  • More research on parameters for pixels and matching points within meshes.

Thank you!

Adam S.

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