We’ve acquired a 3D printer!

We’ve acquired a 3D printer! Already I’m learning that this is a far from automated process. Here’s the printer, a FlashForge Creator Pro with a print of a twisted pen-holder I coded in OpenSCAD:


A good third print.

Here’s a successful print of a 3D graph filling the interior of a Pikachu model. The code for computing this graph is using our circle and sphere packing heuristics to generate a volume filling tetrahedral graph that is a sub-graph of the cannonball lattice:


Pikachu, I choose you!

I tried to print a much thinner version of Pikachu, but it wasn’t working that well:


When prints go awry.

The lab is a lot more hands-on these days than theoreticians normally get to go =D. Here’s one final print to start things off right:


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