A Student Post: An Interactive Application for (Inversive) Geometry Of Circles


For the past several months I have been working an interactive interface for the construction of inversive geometry of circles. Currently the working features are adding points, dragging points, and selecting three points to draw a disk. The past few weeks I was tasked with altering the code in order to implement a construction graph for the objects that were being drawn. Once completed this alteration will update any object if what it is composed of is changed. For example, a disk is composed of 3 points with the construction graph when one of the points is moved the disk updates accordingly.



Currently in order to utilize the features such as adding a point or drawing a disk I am using keyboard commands (P : point editor mode, C : to draw a disk, A : to move the arcball). As the interface acquires more features the addition of more keyboard commands will become inconvenient to remember all of the keyboard keys and thus currently I am attempting to add buttons to the screen so those can be clicked as opposed to a keyboard key being selected.

Until next week,

Madelaine Brower

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