Student Post: Adding Buttons!

This week and the previous week I was tasked with adding buttons to our user interface. Currently when the buttons A, P, or C were clicked it selected a certain “tool” that you could use. This week I was attempting to create buttons so that instead of having to click a keyboard key the user could click a button. I was able to create buttons, however, I unintentionally over wrote the frame for the Python Interpreter so the buttons are on the wrong screen. I believe that this will be a quick fix and that all I need to do is create a new content pane and add that to the frame with the arcball because currently it is adding buttons to the content pane of the python interpreter. A picture of the issue is included below. The reason we are making this change is because as we add more features the use of keyboard keys would become too extensive. That is all for this week.


Until next week,

Maddie Brower

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