Student Post: Cleaning up Graphs and Code

This week was largely spent on cleaning up my code for the Petersen graph and the graph of K6 (also I changed how K6 looks as a 3-D model completely). Since I am very new to OpenSCAD, my code was very length and a lot of it was unnecessary. I saved well over 40 lines in total between the two graph codes. Over spring break I hope to work on the other members of the Petersen family of graphs, now that I know how to speed up the process with for loops in OpenSCAD.

New K6 Graph and Code

In last week’s post, the gif of K6 was all over the place. There wasn’t much symmetry to the graph in my model of it. Dr. Taalman suggested I position the points around a circle, rather than just winging the coordinates. this resulted in a much better representation of K6 (see gif below).

And here is the (much shorter) code that made the new representation of K6K6 code

For the Petersen graph, I tidied up the code in the same fashion. The actual representation of it looks the same overall, just a bit bigger now that my code has a parameter section and due to the fact we are looking to print out these models.

Until next time,

Hannah Critchfield

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