Student Post: Circle Selection

For the past week or so I was tasked with allowing the user to select a circle and then change the color of the circle when selected. Similarly when a point is a selected, change its color as well. In order to select a circle I calculated if there was a ray-plane intersection. I was able to use the ray-plane intersection because our circles are stored as a plane with the coefficients of the equation of the plane. I was able to get the selection of a circle correct. However, I have been unable to change the color of the circle and point. Originally when we were drawing our objects we looped over a list that contained them all and pulled the style from that list. I think the current issue is that I am not setting the style of the point/circle correctly so when the objects are being drawn as opposed to using the style of the node it is using the default style from the list. I believe that this will be an easy fix.

Until next week.


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