Student Post: Transforming Graphs

Today’s mission was to transform K6 into another member of the Petersen Family of graphs using a Δ-Y transform of K6 by identifying 3 vertices and 3 edges connecting them pair-wise, deleting those edges, and adding a new vertex connected to all three points. My starting point for this is my OpenSCAD code from making  K6 . Want I wanted to do was delete the edges in red and add a new vertex in the center and in blue add three new edges to connect the new vertex with the three vertices whose edges I pairwise deleted. The picture below nicely shows the Δ-Y transform of K6 that would be taking place.


My current issue is this: the way my code is set up, I have all my edges being created by a for loop.

for loop K6 transform

I got stuck trying to figure out how to easily delete three edges after they had already been made. I’m going to talk with Dr. Taalman to see if there is a quick fix or how I should efficiently writing code to make this transform happen.

Until next time,

Hannah Critchfield

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