Welcome Back

Hello all,

It has been a long time. I took a break from KoebeLib to research another problem and now I am back! Man, oh man, has it been a long time and I am happy to let you know that a lot has been done since my last post. We are well past our way of selecting circles. The selection of circles then allowed us to create more sophisticated tools. Current functionality includes: calculating the intersection of two circles, given two disks and a point the member of the coaxial family through that point is calculated, and we have delete functionality! Below a picture has been included to show you what the current button panel looks like when it is first run. The current in progress tools are given two disks and a point calculate the disk of the orthogonal family. We initially thought that we could use the conical caps to calculate, however, this did not work. Our next thought is that we calculate the plane orthogonal to the given two disks and this will be relatively simple because we had to do something similar for the member of the coaxial family. We have code written for given three disks return a c-plane but there is not currently a button for it because we aren’t quite sure as to how to represent c-planes. On the flip side another tool in progress is given three c-planes return a disk. For this to be completed I just have to write the calculation to select a plane. These two tools will not require too much work and as a result I have a couple more (simple) things in progress. Currently our button panel is not responsive so that is first on my todo list. We also want a side panel that displays the current drawn objects and want functionality to be able to select multiple objects. I will see you all with more tools completed for KoebeLib.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 5.28.29 PM

Until then,

Madelaine Brower

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