The Ars Geometrica Lab at James Madison University focuses on problems from discrete and computational geometry. Much of our work deals in some way with rigidity theory and polyhedra and includes theoretical problems arising from origami folding and design, circle packing and its applications (e.g. 3D printing),  and protein folding.


  • Our paper “An Integrated Design Approach for Infill Patterning of Fused Deposition Modeling and its Application to An Airfoil” with (among many other collaborators) JMU students Xiang Chen and Brittany Braswell will appear at the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) conference in May in Seattle!
  • New on the ArXiV! John C. Bowers, Philip L. Bowers, and Kevin Pratt. “Cauchy Rigidity of c-Polyhedra” (Posted March 2017, Submitted)

Undergraduate Research

We regularly have undergraduate research positions open for JMU students majoring in either computer science or mathematics. If you are interested in working on research level problems, please contact Prof. Bowers (bowersjc at jmu.edu). You are especially encouraged to start the first semester of your junior year, which gives you ample time to develop and execute an honors in the major project and graduate from JMU “with distinction”.

See posts from our undergraduate research assistants at the blog.

Upcoming Events

  • In June 2017 Ars Geometrica is hosting a Summer Circle Packing Workshop here at JMU. If you are interested in attending this workshop, please send me an email.
  • In July 2017 Prof. Bowers is giving an invited talk at the SIAM Conference on Industrial and Applied Geometry on using circle packing heuristics for mesh generation for 3D printing.
  • For summer 2017 We are looking to do research with a couple of students as part of a Research Experience for Undergraduate’s (REU) program we are organizing for the CS department at JMU. If you are interested, please read the REU Page.

Past Events