Student Post: Streamlining the Tools

This week I was tasked with trying to ‘highlight’ a circle if selected. Currently, I am struggling with how to calculate the intersection if a user selects an edge because a disk has three incoming edges in which the other endpoint is a point and thus was not able to complete this task. However, I was able to streamline some of the code for the tools that are currently available. Last week I added buttons to the screen which allowed the user to click on which tool they wanted as opposed to using the keyboard. However, in order to draw a circle the letter ‘C’ still needed to be clicked. One issue that I encountered with still using the key for the circle tool was that it changed the point editing tool to the circle tool indefinitely which resulted in no longer being able to drag points. Now the circle tool is a subclass of the point editing tool. The two different buttons for point and circle switch between the tool and thus we have returned to our functionality below I have included a picture of what the current tool bar looks like.  Next week, I will have it so when I user selects a circle it will change colors and also that when the user selects a point those will change a color before an object is drawn with them.


Until then,

Maddie Brower

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